Alfa Motors

Specialized Automobile Dealership & Service

Website Revitalization

In late spring of 2018, CODE33 partnered up with the well-known and established Latvian automobile dealership/service - Alfa Motors - in order to develop a modern, fully-responsive website and a personalized, simple-to-use content management system.

Modern & Fully-Responsive Web Design

The project began by developing a website design that is in accordance with the brand’s visual identity and features all the goods and services in a digestible manner with an increased emphasis on the user experience and interface of the automobile catalogue and automobile listings. Thorough the website

Personalized Content Management System

Following the completion of the new website design, a personalized content management system was created that enables all of the website’s content to be edited – pages, services, blogs, etc. The most important and sophisticated part of the project was planning and developing a fully-dynamic and at the same time simple-to-use automobile listing management module, that meets the specific requirements of the client, in order to enable the process of the catalogue management to be as effective and efficient as possible.