Orange Cash & Carry

B2B Wholesale Store

The First Online B2B Wholesale Store in Latvia

During 2018, CODE33 partnered with SIA Rskorpions to overtake the development of their B2B wholesale store’s Orange: Cash & Carry e-commerce website, which was the first major Latvian B2B wholesale online store. The e-commerce platform used for this project is Magento 2 with multiple core updates and custom modules implemented in order to meet the business requirements.

Custom Magento Web Design

The initial step was developing the Magento customized frontend code of the client’s provided website design, as well as planning and developing multiple interactive elements to enhance the user experience.

Magento E-Commerce Platform with Custom Modules

Once the web design was completed, the Magento 2 system was set-up with multiple module customizations to comply with Orange: Cash & Carry’s operational needs. In addition, new custom modules were developed for personalized marketing activity management. A module for online warehouse syncing was also developed which automatically keeps the inventory up-to-date.