SkyHold Residence

Elite Residence

Unique Real Estate Website Development

During the fall of 2018, CODE33 worked with SIA Millers & Gabrilovics to develop a website which would list the apartments of the freshly renovated Skyhold Residence, which is located in the most prestigious area of Riga, amid the quiet center and the urban heart of the city.

Modern & Fully-Responsive Web Design

The initial stage of the project was planning and developing the website's UX framework, which was used as the basis for the user interface development. The design features an interactive blueprint of each floor of the building, which enables the website users to view the availability and details of all of the building's apartments.

Personalized Content Management System

Once the design of the website was finished, a personalized content management system was developed which enables all of the website’s content to be edited – pages, services, etc. - including the management of the apartment listings and their availability status.